Thoughts on Doodle at the Somerville Nave Gallery Annex


I was honored that my work, For My Boston Strong, was chosen to be a part of this fantastic show on cartooning in a great new art space in the middle of Davis Square:

(Happily in front of my piece at the opening reception.)

A lot of the Boston-area cartooning and comics community came out for the opening reception. It was a packed house (in the dead of winter no less! no easy feat in New England!) and it was truly wonderful meeting new people, putting faces to names and talking to people about my work.

(Discussing my work and process with a fellow community member and artist.)

Comic-making can be very isolating – a lot of visual arts are, but a lot of us comics folk feel like we’re slaving away in our caves, and then we scatter our work to the four winds and hope someone sees it. Generally you don’t get to submit your work to any kind of fancy reception-ed show, since comics aren’t “fine” art (pshaw, whatever). So it was as genuine thrill for me to see my work on the wall, and watching the reaction of people as they stopped by to read and take in my work. I remember watching a couple standing together, reading my pages, and I watched as they fell silent and reached for each others’ hand as they moved from page to page. It was a powerful moment, a beautiful reminder of the reaction that people can have to something that I’ve made. It was a thrill.

Of course, it was great to bring my family to see the show as well so they could finally understand a bit of what I’ve been working on all this time:

(My parents!)

(And my husband, who has been my number one supporter and fan. And a guest-star in the comic on display.)

If you came by the show while it was happening, I hope you enjoyed seeing all the fantastic talent and wide range of styles and themes on display.

If you’d like to see my comic again, it’s online here:

Some of the press for Doodle:

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