Interview with Michael Dambold on his blog


Recently webcomic artist extraordinaire Michael Dambold did an interview of me on his blog — lots of interesting process questions here — take a peek!

And of course, make sure to give Michael’s beautiful comics a look right here:

For My Boston Strong – Between Sleeps #2 now online


002-2-boston-strong-between-sleeps-photinakisI’ve posted the second installment of my diary webcomic, Between Sleeps.  This installment is called “For My Boston Strong.”

I’ve been previewing the comic on the blog here for a little bit, as it’s the one about my experiences in the aftermath of both 9/11 and the Boston Marathon Bombings, and on being a resident of both NYC and Boston during and after both events (yes, really).

I’m happy to say that my comic been out for about 24 hours now and I’ve received some lovely feedback on it.  Thank you for reading.

(If you’re more the Tumblr type, I also posted the comic here for your liking/reblogging.)

Process post – On thumbnailing comic pages – Between Sleeps #2


Going slowly on my end – here’s a glimpse into my mind when it comes to thumbnailing.

I’m a fan of putting it all onto the page, messy chaos and all, when you’re in the early iterations. So much gets lost when you keep it in your brain, especially as you get older (*sad sigh*). I try to jot things down as fast as I can in the thumbnailing stage, even if I have done a preliminary script prior.

It is incredible how much is revealed when you put things down on the page. Flaws come forward more easily, strengths shine through that you didn’t consider… it’s a crucial stage that I didn’t appreciate a few years ago. I’d just put panels down in pencil and see what happened, and for better or worse, I kept whatever I put down.

As I get older, perhaps I’m getting more cautious, and I like to plan more of where I’m heading. Thumbnailing lets me try out some messy concepts without being too committed to a panel I spent a while pencilling. It’s a bit embarrassing that it sounds so obvious to me, now, to write this out and be like “gee, thumbnails are great!” but I think a lot of us gloss over it as an optional or annoying extra step. It’s really not!

Between Sleeps #2 – progress



I’ve been steadily working on Between Sleeps #2. This one has been delayed for two big reasons –

1) It’s about the Boston Marathon Bombings, which happened about 2 streets away from where I live and work. It was a hugely disruptive event and for reasons I’ll explain in the webcomic, an emotionally disruptive one as well. I didn’t want it to seem exploitative though, as after a big event like that a lot of people try to milk it for attention and it frankly grosses me out. But then you start to wonder how you can talk/write/draw about an event like that in a way that’s still authentic but not exploitative. To me, the best thing to do was to just wait a little bit before talking about what I was feeling. I don’t know if this was the “right” reaction, but it’s how I feel.

2) Unfortunately there was a sudden death in my family recently. For incredibly obvious reasons, that kept me away from the drawing table.

In any case, above is a little sneak peek of the second installment of the comic, which will be 3 pages in total. (I’ve finished sketching out the first two.) I’ll keep you posted!