Hourly Comic Day 2019


I participated in Hourly Comic Day this year (which is February 1, every year). This is a fun creative exercise to stretch the cartooning muscle, where the idea is that you document every hour of your day with a comic, as it happens. There aren’t any real requirements, but I try to draw my “hourlies” within the hour I’m portraying, though inevitably I fall behind as the day goes on. This year I tried to incorporate color into my hourly comics for the first time, and for the most part I drew these with pencil on watercolor paper.

Have a peek at what my Hourly Comic Day 2019 was like:

Hourly Comics Day 2015


For my third year in a row, I participated in Hourly Comics Day, the first day of February, where you create a comic for every (waking) hour of the day. This year I wanted to make my hourly comics quickly and on the spur of the moment, so my style is even more un-restrained than usual. Please note: Some salty language is in there, if that’s a concern.

You can see the collection of all my off-the-cuff hourly comics below. (It happened to be Superbowl Sunday, for reference.)