Podcast interview on “Maybe I’ll Be Back” with Corey Hodgdon


I met Corey at last year’s MeCAF – he was literally the first person I introduced myself to when I walked through the doors of the con! And we’ve basically been friends ever since. Corey has a wonderful comic series called “The Capture of Bigfoot” — which you can buy right here: http://www.indyplanet.com/front/?product=the-capture-of-bigfoot-1

He also recently launched a podcast called “Maybe I’ll Be Back: Tales from Artist Alley” and kindly asked to have me on the show. I had a bad sinus infection at the time and sounded/felt absolutely awful, but I still had a great time speaking with Corey and hopefully you’ll enjoy giving our conversation a listen: http://maybeillbeback.podbean.com/2014/02/14/maria-photinakis/

Make sure you subscribe to his podcast if you liked what you heard! And maybe I’ll be back on the show as well!