#MeCAF 2013 report!


MeCAF was a few days ago and I still have the afterglow! It was my very first actual dedicated /comic/ festival (years of anime conventions just aren’t the same) and it was a lot awesomer than I was expecting. My experience with anime cons is that it’s hard to speak with artists, it’s crowded and noisy, and you’re basically just in a giant marketplace. MeCAF was the opposite of that in all the best ways possible – intimate, full of energy but not noisy, and a great way to connect with lots of artists one-on-one. I got to speak with so many talented folks who are incredibly passionate about making comics, it was a really inspirational trip for me. People were happy to share their work and talk to me about their process and their passions, which is something you don’t generally get to do at busier conventions. I am so freakin’ glad I went to MeCAF!

MeCAF 2013 was also my soft debut, and I was psyched to trade my minicomic with folks. I know Silent Fluency ain’t gonna shake the world, but it was my way of saying “hello” to the comics community so it meant a lot to me that people were happy to trade. Friends at Boston Comics Roundtable were kind enough to put my minicomic out on their table, which was totally unexpected and extremely generous. It was also exciting to speak with the folks at the Center for Comics Studies in Vermont, I’m hoping I can take a one-week intensive next summer (I’d go this year, but I’m getting married in the fall — too busy right now!)

I also was really happy to say hello to Cara Bean, an incredible artist and storyteller who I met a few months ago through a mutual friend, and Cara gave me a much-needed pep talk on creating comics when I was really not sure if I could move forward. She told me — “go to MeCAF!” — and had it not been for her encouragement, I wouldn’t have even known about MeCAF, let alone create a minicomic for it and attend. I owe her a huge thank you for that. Her encouragement for me for next year is to have a table at MeCAF, and that’s just what I’m going to do! Thank you Cara!

And of course, what would a comic festival be if I didn’t get TONS OF LEWTS? I went a little crazy buying comics, but can you blame me? Lots of works here that were new to me, and there were a number of artists I follow online who where there in person.

Combination of tons of loot plus tiny desk means… two loot photos! Here’s what came home with me:


I’ll write out all the authors and titles shortly – there’s a lot of talent in these comics and, again, so happy that I got to speak with the creators themselves.

That’s me at MeCAF*. Thank you MeCAF 2013 for being my very first comic festival and lighting a fire under my butt — you’ll see me next year, and I’ll be there with a little table of my own!

*hilariously(?) my purse got a lot of love from folks. It’s by Jump From Paper, and I like to bring it with me whenever I’m on sketching excursions. It definitely felt appropriate for a comic festival!