Cosplay SubCulture comic now available: Devotion in Every Stitch


I’m excited to announce that the SubCultures Comic Anthology, edited by Whit Taylor and printed by Ninth Art Press, is now available for purchase — and my six-page cosplay story called “Devotion in Every Stitch” makes an appearance.

Here is the first page as a teaser:


Those of you who visited me during Somerville Open Studios may remember seeing it on display in my studio space. Cosplay in America also shared my work on its Twitter and Facebook recently, so if you found me from there, hello!

The official book description:

36 indepenent cartoonists explore the various and varied worlds-within-the-world we know as “subcultures.” from Star Wars conventioneers to bigfoot hunters, from goths and gamers to record collectors and cosplayers, these stories reveal the rules, rituals and relationships that define these infinite and intricate subsets of humanity. Contributors include Sam Alden, Liz Prince, Alex Robinson, Darryl Seitchik, Noah Van Sciver, MariNaomi, Box Brown and many others!

I am happy to be one of those “many others” and really excited to share my cosplay experiences in comic book form.  This book made its debut at SPX this year and now it’s available for purchase to the general public: Buy SubCultures here from Ninth Art Press and let me know what you think!

And a special bonus just for you, dear blog readers — here are photos of me in the cosplay outfits I mention on my comic:

Nanny (Rose of Versailles)

Me as Nanny (Rose of Versailles)


Me as Kefka – photo by Amanda of Elemental Photography (

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