Red Flag


Red Flag – a scifi comic by Maria Photinakis

Cassie, a young woman living in a scorched and depleted future-Earth, wants more than anything to leave the charred remnants of Earth behind and instead live and work in space — and has ever since she was a little kid.

Though space travel is now commonplace, there’s one problem: It’s mainly the province of the very wealthy, and rich Cassie is not. She puts her faith in a long-shot — a too-good-to-be true, barely-functional spaceship that happens to be in her price range.

But she soon realizes that the ship’s poor condition and amoral owner are putting both her life and her sanity at stake. She has to make the decision: Her life, or her life’s dream?

Where to buy

You can order a print (hardcopy) version directly from my store.

You can also purchase Red Flag from these fine stores:

The Million Year Picnic
Harvard Square
99 Mt Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

The specs

Red Flag has a color cover with black and white interior pages, 34 pages (not including the covers).  The cover is originally a painting done at 11×17, acrylic and ink on canvas. The original interior pages were all drawn and inked by hand on 11×17 bristol, and lettered digitally.

The backstory

This comic is very loosely based on an experience I had — obviously I’ve never been to space, but I was at a breaking point in my own life where I was willing to do just about anything to pursue one of my life’s dreams. Despite people telling me it was a bad idea, and despite my own misgivings, I pursued this dream anyway. At one point, I had to basically abandon ship — it felt like I had lost everything, and I thought I was just the biggest fool for even trying. In the very long run, it ended up being a worthwhile experience that propelled me to new things, but I risked my own well-being trying to get there.

Was it worth it? Perhaps. I’m not really sure. It was one of the most stressful, and frankly traumatic, experiences of my life in recent years. As you can tell, I’m not giving details on what happened since it’s still pretty raw. But at the very least, I took a kernel of that experience as inspiration for Red Flag, and I am grateful for that.

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