Podcast interview on “Maybe I’ll Be Back” with Corey Hodgdon


I met Corey at last year’s MeCAF – he was literally the first person I introduced myself to when I walked through the doors of the con! And we’ve basically been friends ever since. Corey has a wonderful comic series called “The Capture of Bigfoot” — which you can buy right here: http://www.indyplanet.com/front/?product=the-capture-of-bigfoot-1

He also recently launched a podcast called “Maybe I’ll Be Back: Tales from Artist Alley” and kindly asked to have me on the show. I had a bad sinus infection at the time and sounded/felt absolutely awful, but I still had a great time speaking with Corey and hopefully you’ll enjoy giving our conversation a listen: http://maybeillbeback.podbean.com/2014/02/14/maria-photinakis/

Make sure you subscribe to his podcast if you liked what you heard! And maybe I’ll be back on the show as well!

Interview with Michael Dambold on his blog


Recently webcomic artist extraordinaire Michael Dambold did an interview of me on his blog — lots of interesting process questions here — take a peek! http://michaeljamesdambold.com/blog/webcomic-interview-maria-photinakis/

And of course, make sure to give Michael’s beautiful comics a look right here: http://www.candraicomics.com/