Between Sleeps #2 – progress



I’ve been steadily working on Between Sleeps #2. This one has been delayed for two big reasons –

1) It’s about the Boston Marathon Bombings, which happened about 2 streets away from where I live and work. It was a hugely disruptive event and for reasons I’ll explain in the webcomic, an emotionally disruptive one as well. I didn’t want it to seem exploitative though, as after a big event like that a lot of people try to milk it for attention and it frankly grosses me out. But then you start to wonder how you can talk/write/draw about an event like that in a way that’s still authentic but not exploitative. To me, the best thing to do was to just wait a little bit before talking about what I was feeling. I don’t know if this was the “right” reaction, but it’s how I feel.

2) Unfortunately there was a sudden death in my family recently. For incredibly obvious reasons, that kept me away from the drawing table.

In any case, above is a little sneak peek of the second installment of the comic, which will be 3 pages in total. (I’ve finished sketching out the first two.) I’ll keep you posted!

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