Hi, I'm Maria Photinakis.

I'm a cartoonist and memoirist, and my work is largely about my life as a first-generation American of Greek parents, and a parent of a young child myself, my fears about and the fight against climate change, and my dreams of the far-off future.

I also create mixed media illustrations and paintings, mixing the figurative with atmospheric and botanical abstract forms.

I am working on a graphic novel about expectations and failure as a first-generation American, as well as my ongoing pandemic journal Extraordinary Times.

You can support my ongoing work through my Patreon, or purchase my books and prints on my web store.

What’s New

🌟 New book out! Extraordinary Times Volume 1, the first collection of my pandemic memoir comic, is available for sale in my store.

🌟 New print products available — Several art prints that were out of stock are now back in print. I also have some postcard sets for sale as well.

🌟 Online shorts available to read in the Comics section, including my Byzantine-fantasy short for 24 Comics Day 2020.

Recent Video

Check out my Waltham Open Studios 2020 video interview below. I talk a little bit about my process and what it’s been like creating in the middle of a pandemic.

Site News

[January 2021] I just did a massive overhaul of my website, let me know if you find anything weird, like broken links.


Graphic novels, online shorts & anthology pieces


Pastels, colored pencil, watercolors & some digital work


Acrylics and oils