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About The Podcasters

Maria Photinakis

The Artist


 * A comic artist, freelance illustrator and storyboard artist in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

* That kid who wore her handmade Federation com badge, made of tin foil and cardboard, to school
* A long-time student of Japanese language and puppet theater (bunraku)
* Always down for a vodka martini

Growing up, I was pretty much the biggest nerd you could imagine. Now my nerdery has distilled somewhat and I’m just a massive geek, especially for Star Trek: The Next Generationand the classic manga/anime The Rose of Versailles.

I grew up in a big Greek-American community and was mesmerized by the Byzantine iconography that surrounded me in our religious community. These icons were heavily visually stylized and designed to convey story and meaning without depending on text. The style and images of those icons influences my work quite a bit today.


Kimberly Truon

The Actress


 Kimberly Truon (www.kimtru.com) is one of the rare freaks that was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida (sorry). After graduating from The University of Tampa for Writing and Theatre in 2008, she moved to beautiful Boston where she decided to hone in on screen acting. Since her transition, Kim has worked on over 25 films that have gone on to screen at the New York City International Film Festival, Boston International Film Festival, and Boston Student Film Festival.

When Kim’s not working on a set/stage, reading scripts, taking workshops, auditioning, submitting herself for auditions, rehearsing scenes, networking, editing her reels, rocking back and forth in a fetal position, or screaming in joy – she may be found karaoke-ing, tending to her balcony garden, hugging and picking on her two young siblings, or podcasting with the lovely Maria Photinakis.

You can check out Kim’s latest happenings here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KTruActor

Twitter: @KimiTru


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