Hourly Comics Day 2015


For my third year in a row, I participated in Hourly Comics Day, the first day of February, where you create a comic for every (waking) hour of the day. This year I wanted to make my hourly comics quickly and on the spur of the moment, so my style is even more un-restrained than usual. Please note: Some salty language is in there, if that’s a concern.

You can see the collection of all my off-the-cuff hourly comics below. (It happened to be Superbowl Sunday, for reference.)

PODCAST Ep. 5: Happy new year!


Kim & Maria are back to podcasting after a bit of a hiatus – this episode, they catch up on the last few months since episode 4 and talk about how to deal with flagging motivation, especially during this dark and dreary time of year. Kim moved to LA from Boston in mid-2014 and that’s presented a lot of new opportunities for her acting career, and Maria had a productive year but needs a bit of a booster. Have a listen:


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