Comics: my work in print

Here you’ll find a little more detail about the comics I’ve made and the process behind my work.


Red Flag

Original story and art by Maria Photinakis

34 pages black and white, color cover

Genre: Science fiction

Summary: Cassie, a young woman living in a scorched and depleted future-Earth, wants more than anything to leave the charred remnants of Earth behind and instead live and work in space — and has ever since she was a little kid.

Though space travel is commonplace, there’s one problem: It’s mainly the province of the very wealthy, and rich Cassie is not. She puts her faith in a long-shot — a too-good-to-be true, decrepit, barely-functional spaceship that happens to be in her price range. But she soon realizes that the ship’s poor condition and amoral owner are putting both her life and her sanity at stake. She has to make the decision: Her life, or her life’s dream?

This was an effort spanning about 3 months to complete, and it is my first full-sized stand-alone comic. It premiered at the Maine Comic Arts Festival (MeCAF) in May 2014.


The Prince’s Lament Story by Ruby Case, art by Maria Photinakis

The Prince’s Lament

Story by Ruby Case, art by Maria Photinakis

3 page comic for the Dark anthology by Grayhaven Comics

Genre: Horror fairy tale

Summary: A young prince follows his heart and ignores all the warnings and tries to rescue the fair damsel in a distant tower — a tower made of bones.

The art direction in the script asked for something akin to a fever dream, so I used charcoal to give everything a hazy, surreal look.


Devotion in Every Stitch

Devotion in Every Stitch: A Cosplay Subculture Comic

6 page comic for the comic anthology Subcultures by Ninth Art Press

Story and art by Maria Photinakis

Genre: Autobiographical

Summary: This is a story about how I got into cosplay as a teenager, became deeply immersed in the scene, and eventually found myself leaving it behind.

My comic is one of many in this excellent anthology comic, which you can buy from Ninth Art Press right here. It premiered at SPX 2014.

The Fire Vampire, art by Maria Photinakis. Page 1

The Fire Vampire

The Fire Vampire

2 page comic for In A Single Bound #3 by Ninth Art Press.

Genre: Magical girl

The Fire Vampire was my contribution to the third In A Single Bound anthology by Ninth Art Press. The call for submissions was looking for female writers and artists, with a strong preference for female superhero characters in a Boston-area setting.  I collaborated with the adorable young daughter of Troy Minkowski, a fellow Boston Comics Roundtable member. I worked with Lavinia — who was only 4! — and interviewed her one afternoon about the character and story ideas that she had.  She’s remarkably creative and had a ton of ideas that I couldn’t fit in this two page short, but I tried to incorporate as much of her original ideas and dialog as possible (my favorite being “I”ll turn you into dirt with my fire!”)

I modeled the little girl in this comic after Lavinia (and her dad in the comic after her BCR member dad Troy), and pulled a lot of inspiration for her Fire Vampire character from the magical girl manga I read as a kid, like Sailor Moon.

Silent Fluency - cover

Silent Fluency

8 page minicomic – click here to buy it and read it!

Story and art by Maria Photinakis

Silent Fluency is about what stands in the way of understanding and communication, regardless of culture (in this case, both Greek and Japanese culture). This minicomic is my exploration of a somewhat common phenomenon for those of us who are the kids of immigrants: not knowing how to speak our parents’ language, but understanding it when spoken.

Debut: MeCAF 2013.

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