PODCAST Ep. 8 – 2016: What a damn year.


2016 was a memorable year for so many people and so many reasons, and for us included. We recorded this episode in December 2016, as the first of a two-part episode (Maria had to skedaddle in the middle of it).  In this part, we’re talking about what Kim and Maria have been up to in 2016. Kim has recent — and AWESOME — news, while Maria’s year was pretty horrible. There’s something for everyone. Yayyy.


Part two, which is really episode 9, will be up in a week. Lucky you 🙂

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PODCAST Ep. 7 – No Foolin’!


I realize it’s April Fool’s Day, and I realize this might look like an April Fool’s Joke (a bad one!) but in all sincerity, Kim and I recorded a new episode of our podcast — technically recorded on March 31! So it’s legit, I promise.


It’s been almost a YEAR since our last episode, can you believe it?! So we had a lot to catch up on — finding meaningful connections with peers, getting over imposter syndrome/inferiority complexes.  Have a listen and let us know what you think!

New comic: Have a Good Paradise


I completed a new comic last week called “Have a Good Paradise.” This is a new direction for me as it’s strictly autobiographical, about growing up in the Greek-American diaspora and my relationship with my maternal grandmother. I’m really proud of this story and hope you enjoy it.

The first three pages are below, and you can read the entire comic (for free!) right here: http://photinakis.com/portfolio/have-a-good-paradise/

Paradise - Maria Photinakis


Paradise - Maria Photinakis


Paradise - Maria Photinakis

Read the rest of this comic: http://photinakis.com/portfolio/have-a-good-paradise/

More of a Tumblr person? You can love or reblog the comic here: http://merakimou.tumblr.com/post/140573826535/my-new-autobiographical-comic-have-a-good

While working on this comic, I really pushed myself to slow down and add more detail and texture to my panels. The magic of comics and graphic novels is when you can just get lost in a great drawing and feel like you jump in the panel and explore.  A great sense of place and real atmosphere lingers with me long after I’ve put the comic away. That’s a feeling I’d like to capture in my work more and more with each comic that I make.


I need to say a HUGE thank you to Heide Solbrig and the Boston Comics Roundtable, as I took the BCR’s class on autobiographical comics that Heide taught, and her edits and crits were crucial in making this comic come to fruition. Heide’s experience in telling fantastic stories through film, comics and other media was so crucial in helping me understand how to tell an effective story here.  I came to this class feeling quite “blocked” and now I feel a lot more confident in knowing how to move forward, how to find the key elements of stories I want to tell, and being brutally honest with what edits need to be made!

And if you are thinking of taking a class via the Boston Comics Roundtable, I say YES! Jump in and DO IT! My classmates were all incredible and I learned so much from each of them. Honestly I’m going to miss seeing everyone now that class is over (though I suppose this is even more motivation for me to show up to the Thursday BCR meetings 🙂 )

I hope to take what I learned from this class and apply it to even more stories — I think I have enough stories about my experiences growing up that I can make a full graphic novel from this.  I’m thinking of calling it Benedictions. So if you hear me referring to Benedictions… this comic is just the first chapter, so to speak 🙂

Say hello to Komorebi Studio


Hello dear visitors – As Kim and I alluded to in our last podcast episode, lots has been going on in my life and has forced me to make some Big Decisions. Thankfully as it concerns my art and comics-making, it’s a good thing! Since I wrote last, my husband, family, friends and I basically did the modern version of a mini-barn-raising and we built an art studio in my backyard. Modern version meant we had to pull the necessary permits before we made it an all-seasons space — which, here in Massachusetts, means its walls and windows are insulated, and it has heat.

Komorebi Studio

Say hello to Komorebi Studio — my little sanctuary. (Komorebi is Japanese for the dappled light under a tree… rather a perfect name for it!) I took this photo while we were all in the thick of working on the studio last September. Sadly, it doesn’t look quite so verdant around here in February.

And yes, it is pretty messy in there. When I first moved in, this is what it looked like:

Inside Komorebi Studio... messy

Yikes! Kind of a disaster. How does anyone get any work done in there? Well, I promise I do 🙂  More detail on that in a few days.

There’s still some work to be done on the studio itself — this spring I will be painting the walls white and adding built-in shelving. For now though, it’s working nicely and it’s doing great even in the dead of New England winter.

And I have definitely cleaned it up since I took the above photo. But I don’t have any photo proof of that… yet… so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

PODCAST Ep. 6: Ring the Breakthrough Bell – That Artist & Actress That Do A Podcast


Our Artist & Actress check in after a very tumultuous few months. Are existential crises useful (or perhaps even necessary) to move forward? Do they help us move past fear in making Big Scary Choices? A doorbell rings, and Maria and Kim ring in the Breakthrough Bell.


Links referenced in this episode:

Hourly Comics Day 2015


For my third year in a row, I participated in Hourly Comics Day, the first day of February, where you create a comic for every (waking) hour of the day. This year I wanted to make my hourly comics quickly and on the spur of the moment, so my style is even more un-restrained than usual. Please note: Some salty language is in there, if that’s a concern.

You can see the collection of all my off-the-cuff hourly comics below. (It happened to be Superbowl Sunday, for reference.)

Upcoming event: SubCultures reading and Q&A at the Cambridge Public Library – January 20


On Tuesday, January 20 at 6:30pm, I’ll be taking part in a reading and Q&A at the Cambridge Public Library for the Subcultures anthology (you can read more info about the Subcultures anthology right here).

This event will have a bunch of us contributors speaking about our topics — it’s an awesome list:

  • E.J. Barnes (Ham radio)
  • Holly Foltz (Steampunk)
  • Dan Mazur (Esperanto)
  • Anna Mudd (Self-identified scientists)
  • Dave Ortega (Pochos)
  • Maria Photinakis (Cosplay)
  • Liz Prince (Punks v. ravers)
  • Whit Taylor (Realdoll owners)
  • Nick Thorkelson  (’60s radicals)


Find out more about this cool (FREE!) event at the CPL on the official event page — hope to see you there!

PODCAST Ep. 5: Happy new year!


Kim & Maria are back to podcasting after a bit of a hiatus – this episode, they catch up on the last few months since episode 4 and talk about how to deal with flagging motivation, especially during this dark and dreary time of year. Kim moved to LA from Boston in mid-2014 and that’s presented a lot of new opportunities for her acting career, and Maria had a productive year but needs a bit of a booster. Have a listen:


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